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EZ Cash MOD APK Unlimited Coins Free for Android

The Payment Numbers and Settlement Systems Act of 2005’s first mobile money license has been granted to EZ Cash MOD APK, which has been approved by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. The EZ Cash MOD APK was created to provide the financial services that many people in EC. Lanka is required without the need for conventional banking. Your cell phone is connected to this “virtual let.” Your virtual bank account is created using your cell phone number. The industry leader in mobile payment options is EZ Cash MOD APK.

More than 2.8 million registered users may conduct business with more than 20000 merchants via a network exchange for businesses. Users of cell phones may carry out small-scale financial transactions with the EZ Cash app.

What is EZ Cash MOD APK?

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka has authorized the financial management tool EZ Cash MOD APK to conduct Mobile Money transactions by the Payments and Settlement Systems Act, No.28 of 2005. It is a “Virtual Wallet” that is connected to a user’s mobile device and allows its users to start financial transactions on their phones.

With the help of EZ Cash, many Sri Lankans may now access financial services without having to visit a bank. This program, a virtual wallet, uses a mobile number to identify users. In reality, it is the industry’s first mobile payments solution and serves as a network for merchant acquiring, enabling 28 million or more registered users to trade with 20,000 or more merchants via their mobile devices.

Working on EZ Cash MOD APK

The way the EZ Cash MOD APK functions is that you spend time using it, get points, and then exchange those points for real money or valuable game currency.

You receive 50 extra coins for free after installing the application. Following that, you may view other videos and get rewards. Another wonderful method to gain points is by inviting others to the app.

You may earn free points by regularly opening the app. Additionally, there are a ton of deals in the app for you to check out, for which you will earn more points than any other job.

Screenshot of EZ Cash MOD APK

Screenshot of EZ Cash MOD APK_MyGreenSEO.Com
Screenshot of EZ Cash MOD APK_MyGreenSEO.Com

Features of EZ Cash MOD APK

The EZ Cash Mod APK’s features are listed below.

Free Gift Cards

You may swap the prizes you receive from the program for a variety of gift cards online. Google Play Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, Playstation, Netflix, Steam, and Xbox Gift Cards are some of the gift cards on this list.


If you believe that a reward should be offered in the app, you may recommend it to the developers via the app, and they will add the card to the list of gift cards.

Check Out Through PayPal

You may also trade the reward points you earn using the app for actual money. You may withdraw this money right to your PayPal account, which you’ll link to the app.

Less Check-Out Time

This app has a much shorter check-out time than other apps. Within 72 hours, you can have your money in your bank account or any other virtual account you want.

Game Currency

This option is also accessible if you play video games and prefer to have your Top Up in the form of in-game money. Simply use the app as you see fit to view videos, take part in offers, and rack up points. Then, convert those points into the desired game money.

Daily Check-In Points

In addition to using the application, you earn points for opening it every day. This is fantastic, and by introducing your friends to the app and getting them to use it, you may earn points.

App Details

Name EZ Cash MOD
Size 32.23 MB
Version v2.1.3
Package Name net.ezcash.app.ezcash
Developer Golden Stream
Category Apps / Finance
Price Free
Required Android 5.0 and Up

How Does EZ Cash MOD APK Benefit You?

Downloading the application’s updated version has several advantages. among those advantages are;

  • This is a quick and simple method of getting coins.
  • It helps you save a ton of time.
  • Another 50+ coins will be given to you as a welcome bonus present for free if you download the app using someone else’s referral code.
  • The establishment of recommendations is simple.
  • You will be fulfilling your reward requests if you make your payment within 72 hours or less of this deadline.
  • You can increase your profit thanks to it.

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Final Words

If you want to earn money and buy gaming credits, EZ Cash MOD APK is a fantastic application. You may surely acquire points, which you can then redeem for your #1 game top-up or spend them on alternative gift cards. This tool supports many monetary standards, which makes figuring out your money easier. Your money can be moved using a PayPal record.

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